The Sospeso Project

How can digital design help decrease the percentage of incinerated trash and stimulate recycling at Hogeschool van Amsterdam?


This is an experimental project created at the Master Digital Design at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. The brief consisted on exploring how can Digital Design play a role to help the university to be more sustainable while disposing of its waste and stimulate recycling habits.

UX Research • Ideation • Prototyping


Landing Pages

The product had different landing pages to help users onboard. Each one of those have been used at different times. Their objective was giving instructions on how to install the tracking code and provide other relevant information for our users.
Beta Launch
Official Launch
Affiliate Profile Launch

Different profiles

The two different profiles, Affiliate or Producer, can be changed anytime. To keep users aware of which profile they are in the moment, the color scheme is changed within the product.
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