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Redesign to help the support team approving new products within the platform


This is a redesign for the Product Review feature inside Hotmart's Backoffice platform. Hotmart has a strict policy for the type of digital products that can be sold inside its platform. All the products have to be manually reviewed by a support agent to ensure its quality, avoid plagiarism and make sure that it is in compliance with all internal regulations. The biggest challenge in this project was simplifying and speeding up a complex process to optimize the Customer Support work.

Interface Design • User Experience


The redesign

The previous design had several issues regarding information architecture and experience. The main actions were not clear, there was no logical order for the information display and some important data were hidden within modal windows. For the redesign, we focused on organizing the information to help the support agents be more efficient and fast while reviewing products.

Pending product's list

All the products waiting for review can be found at the initial list. The indicators on top show the total number of products, and also how many of them have its waiting list period expired or are next to the expiration. The support agent can also use filters to generate different lists based on those criteria.
The User can chose between different ways of prioritizing the list: by ordering the products by its expiration date or use the smart prioritizing, where products with higher chance of approval get a higher priority.

The review screen

We redesigned the review screen to prioritize the most important information that is required to be analyzed during a product review. All the necessary external links can be opened at same time with only one click and all the main actions are located at the right side of the screen.
different informations are now distributed in cards and an overview of this product review history is located on top right corner.
Creators can submit the product for review with an optional custom message. This message is now highlighted at review screen.

Approving or refusing a product

All actions are taken on the sidebar on the right of the screen. A product can be approved, completely refused (in cases of plagiarism or hurting Hotmart's policies) or marked as a pending product. Pending products are sent back to their creators with the required adjustments to be made.
When a product is  approved is also required to do a blueprint evaluation. This is an evaluation of a product quality based on a predefined criteria.
when marking a product as pending, the support agent needs to select one or more reasons for that. Those predefined reasons are listed from the most used to the least used ones.
And also, when refusing a product, he have a different order of refusal reasons based on the most used ones.

The review history

A product can go back and forth between the Customer Support and its creator until approval. To make sure that no information is lost and give context to the support agent we created the history tab. Here, all previous iterations and messages are saved for consultation.

Products on stand-by

During the research phase of the project, a new situation was identified: some products had some complex approval scenarios, in which was required a manager intervention or legal assistance. Those products can be removed from waiting list, to make sure no other support agent will interfere in the case.
when adding a product to stand-by status, the support agent provides an internal reason for doing so. there is also a link for requesting legal assistance.
To make sure that stand-by products are not forgotten, a reminder is added at the main screen.
every support agent can visualize the products under stand-by mode and the agent who is responsible for it.
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