2016 - 2018

Hotmart OpenBook

OpenBook is an internal tool at Hotmart to provide data dashboards for different areas of the company.


OpenBook was the first internal tool created at Hotmart focused on providing data inside the company. To solve different issues for different teams, each dashboard was specifically designed to support teams with the data they need on a daily basis. OpenBook was designed to be the everyday tool of a worker in the company.

Product Conception • Interface Design • User Experience



This is the only page where every single Hotmart employee can access. Depending on their access level, each user will see different options for specific OpenBooks, but all of them can keep track of the company goals progress.

Different profiles

The two different profiles, Affiliate or Producer, can be changed anytime. To keep users aware of which profile they are in the moment, the color scheme is changed within the product.
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