Hotmart Ask

Hotmart Ask is a feedback and survey system created for both internal and final customer use at Hotmart.


Hotmart Ask consists in a widget that can be installed in any webpage to collect feedback and distribute small surveys. This project was created, designed and developed during a 2-day hackathon inside the company. It was awarded as second place in the competition, and later on was implemented as a real feature into Hotmart's product ecosystem.

Product Conception • Interface Design • User Experience


The widget

Created to simulate a messenger interface, the widget allows the user to collect feedback in 5 different ways: numeric rating scale, star rating scale, emotional rating scale, pre-defined answers and open answers.

Creating a feedback survey

The setup of a survey is done inside Hotmart's platform.
At the initial screen, the user starts by setting a name for the survey and is also required to add a welcoming message and a thank you message
The user can add multiple questions using the "+ New question" button and choose from the different types of answers
those questions can be customized and repositioned within the survey
and finally the user can configure the rules of when and how a survey will be exhibited in their website
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