2017 - 2019

Hotmart Analytics

A data analysis tool built for digital producers and affiliates to measure traffic and marketing campaigns


Hotmart is a platform for selling digital products. At Hotmart Analytics, users are able to track their websites and measure marketing campaign results. Our main challenge at this project was to design a platform that at the same time, is easy to use for novice users and is capable of delivering complex information for specialist users.

Product Conception • Interface Design • User Experience • Product Owner


Landing Pages

The product had different landing pages to help users onboard. Each one of those have been used at different times. Their objective was giving instructions on how to install the tracking code and provide other relevant information for our users.
Beta Launch
Official Launch
Affiliate Profile Launch

Different profiles

The two different profiles, Affiliate or Producer, can be changed anytime. To keep users aware of which profile they are in the moment, the color scheme is changed within the product.


This exploratory feature allow users to filter their traffic by different parameters and discover the impact of those into their sales. It also allow them to compare different segments and save them for recurring analysis.
Initial screen
Adding parameters
comparing segments

Setting up dashboards

Users can create dashboards to analyze specific products, pages or campaigns. Here are some screens of the step by step configuration.

Product dashboards

Users can find all the data for a specific product into a "Product Dashboard".
main tab
traffic tab
Sales tab


Users can monitor their campaign performance with the Conversions tool. At this page they can see how each campaign parameter (UTM parameters) have performed.

My Pages

At My Pages, users can monitor the traffic of all pages with the tracking code installed.
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