Globy is a translation and location tool created for companies that want to became global


Globy is a translation tool focused on the integration between developers and translators inside a company. The challenge at this project consisted on how to create a better experience for the translator to work without requiring any Excel sheets or file exchange to translate labels. This design was the first iteration of the project that is currently under development.

Interface Design • User Experience • Visual Design



Globy's homepage is also the My Projects page. Here, users can have an overview of the progress of each project and also create new ones.
globy's homepage

Project page

A project page is where all participants can keep track of the progress and check the recent activity. Also, here is where a developer can download the translated file to include be included at the website.
the admin view of a project
Participants tab
an empty project. "felling lonely? invite participants right now!"

Different profiles

Users view different options on a project page depending on their profile: Developer or Translator.
developer view
translator view

Translating labels

This is where translators can get their work done. Translation labels are listed and translated individually.
"Tip: press tab to proceed to next label."
a Shortcut was included to speed up the translation
users can keep track of their progress while translating

Additional screens

A profile page and a notification system are part of the first version of the product.
My profile page
notifications page

Sign up

New users can register, but also can be invited by someone who is already using the product.
a sign up screen generated from a invite link
a welcome screen to collect additional information

Style sheet

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